Close- Up: Pintucked Seashell Patch Pocket

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Pavlova Skirt | Seashell Pocket Detail

Pavlova Skirt | Pintucked Seashell Pocket | Pavlova Pre-Sale | Cake Patterns

The Cake tagline reads “sewable, wearable clothes for busy women – always with pockets!”  If you’ve been reading 3 Hours Past for a while, you know I’m pretty serious about pockets of every description.  They’re high on my list of reasons to sew for myself- I have to have that little pouch of fabric to carry around my necessities (red lips, phone, bus pass).  A large and growing number of clothing manufacturers omit details like pockets from their designs because it adds to the final cost of the garment through labor costs.

White Canvas Pocket Detail | Pavlova Skirt | Pavlova Circus and Pre-Sale

White Canvas Pocket Detail | Pavlova Skirt | Pavlova Circus and Pre-Sale

But that’s the beauty of sewing my own clothes.  I can have pockets in everything.  Besides, I’ve been sewing pockets into my clothes for so long I don’t think I could bring myself to sew something without.  (Except maybe a slinky dress…)

Seashell Pocket Window Pane Check | Pavlova Skirt | Cake Patterns

The inspiration for these pockets came a few weeks ago when I was on the beach and Lila brought me some shells.  The idea of a seashell pocket wouldn’t go away and I took to Twitter with my experiments.

Gray Woolen Seashell Pocket | Pavlova Skirt | Cake Patterns | Pre-Sale December 15-20

The final pocket shape is both basic and strong, with a dash of detail.  Through washing and wearing my white Pavlova, I can tell you the pintucks function as supporting “ribs” over time, helping to support heavy pocket loads.

White Canvas Seashell Pocket | Pavlova Skirt | Cake Patterns | Pre-Sale December 15-20

The band is cut on the bias (for fun), and is solidly constructed- pocket openings have to put up with a great deal of stress and friction.  (Especially if I’m the one wearing said pockets.)  In the pattern instructions, you are bid to “arc” the pocket band which trains the pocket into a useful and pleasing shape to hold all your goodies.

Do you usually wear pockets?  What do you put in your pockets? What do you think of the Pavlova Seashell pocket rendered in pink tulle?  Stay tuned and you’ll see it tomorrow!


  1. Just the prettiest pockets I’ve ever seen! As for things in my pockets it’ll always be a phone, probably car keys, maybe some money and odd random things a toddler is likely to hand me!
    OK, I cave. I’m going to place my order!

    • Thanks! I haven’t stitched it yet, but I’m thinking it will be *smashing* in the pink tulle I have.. :) I think I’ll have myself a pink tull Pavlova skirt for Xmas instead of a new dress. Which is fine with me…

      Yes, do! And I’ll send you the doll template in case you get the urge to play later… :)

  2. I love those pockets. I think pockets are absolutely necessary. Though I usually find some school item in my pockets when I get home from work– a crayon, a hair barrette, etc. Not fun when you forget to check your pockets and wash a crayon!

    • I’m really looking forward to stitching together the tulle ones tomorrow… I cut all the layers for the skirt tonight in about ten minutes…. Almost instant skirt really…

      Uuuuugh! I’m so bad about leaving things in my pockets, even lipstick. I get better about it the older I get, but still..

  3. Is it sad that I’m *almost* more excited for the skirt than the top? I go swing dancing a lot and it’s so much fun to dance in circle skirts, but they use sooooo much fabric. I nearly cried with joy when I saw how relatively little fabric the Pavlova circle skirt uses. I don’t know how often I’ll add the pocket, but I definitely plan to get some mileage out of the skirt pattern!

    • Ooooh, I think you’ll like tomorrow’s post then.. I’m having a little fun with the skirt. Then once Pavlova is shipped, we’ll have another little “event” on sewingcake… Something like the 5 Positions of the Pavlova Skirt. I’ve already shown you one main way to make the skirt- with a stiffish but not heavy fabric and a horsehair braid hem like my white Pavlova.

      Then tomorrow is another “Position”… A tulle layered version with a quick cutting layout and quick & good stretch waistband. :) The other three positions will wait until Pavlova Shipping Time… I need a name for that… Hmm. :)

      Try the pocket, just once. You’ll see… It takes a circle skirt from dancing wear to any old time wear… :D

  4. i love the seashell pocket! your patterns have such cute details. pockets are normally just for my hands (or my work pass at a push) in winter but in summer it definitely saves carrying a bag. must get a smaller purse tho – sure i don’t need all the crap i carry about!

    • Thanks! :) It was really pleasant to play with, a useful little detail…

      Yes! That’s why I started wearing pockets, too. I found that I lost little things less often, and realized it’s just ridiculously easy to have a tube of lipstick/card wallet at my fingertips… ;)

  5. I love that pocket. And, I have to admit that pockets are one of the reasons that I’m learning to sew. I’m tired of having to carry a purse because I have no other place to stick my keys. (I’m also excited to be able to have some clothes that fit better!)

  6. Pretty sure the pocket is my favorite part of this design! I used to carry my insulin pump in my pockets until I switched to a different company. Now I need a place to carry my monitor and a small quick snack in case my blood sugar drops too low. Love pockets!

    • Lovely! :) I got a little obsessive for a few days making pocket samples…

      I always carry something to eat, too. Well, almost always. For crankiness though, nothing serious.

  7. I love the pin-tucked pocket – that was the first thing that drew my attention. I haven’t actually sewn myself anything with pockets yet but I do have trouble with needing to carry things around so a large, functional, yet pretty pocket like this is perfect :)

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