The Pre-Circus Clippings : Pavlova Xmas Circus and Pre-Sale

Pavlova Wrap Top 7 Skirt | Side View | Presale December 15-20 | Cake PatternsJust a few notes and images from the prep for the upcoming Pavlova Circus and Pre-Sale!  Everything is working well, and I’m really pleased begin showing the work very soon.  I think we’ll have some good fun. Here’s a preview of the upcoming attractions. If you have a question, ask away and we’ll see if I can work it in this week (I might not answer immediately in comments):

Let me know your questions about the pattern, I may not answer directly in the comments but I might work it into the program!

Tomorrow: Presale Begins and Esme, The Pavlova Covergirl (And the real outfit that inspired the artwork!)  Then: Petit Four by Cake Patterns

Go look!

Go look!

In the meantime, check out Lauren Lladybird’s purple bamboo Tiramisu– looks like a great “background” dress for showing off cool accessories… Lauren was on the original list of testers, so I’m glad she got her copy.  Finally.  (If you were a tester and you don’t have a pattern and haven’t heard from me, do drop me an email, please.)


  1. I love that you have another pattern out so quickly! Congratulations on your new business. I’ll stop at your etsy store tomorrow to buy the next pattern.

    • Thanks! This pattern has been in the works for the better part of a year, just back burner-ed. It’s good to have her close to completion now. :)

  2. Is that a long sleeve version I can sort of see on the blurred image? Please say it’s so ( from a chilly Brit).

    • I have so many sketches. That’s what I kept saying to myself when I was thinking about setting up Cake… “I just have so many sketches, once I get everything all set up…” ;)

    • You may find you really like it. I think a long long circle skirt (not that this one is, but it’s easy to lengthen) is my favorite kind of skirt to wear..

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