Going Local: Curiosities of the Brisbane Craft Show and Giveaway

I visited the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair today and had a fantastic time poking through oddbits of haberdashery.  It was PACKED this morning but as the crowds thinned this afternoon I had a chance to talk to some of the exhibitors, visit a few friends working the show, and take pictures.  If you’re in Brisbane, maybe you’ll see something that sparks your interest.  The show is on at the convention center in Southbank until Sunday.  If you’re not from Brisbane, well, think of this like snooping through another crafter’s closet….

My choice of photos reflects my interests more than a representative sample.  There’s a lot of quilting, and a quilt exhibition showcasing local talent.  I didn’t take pictures because I wasn’t able to ask the individual artist for permission.

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Links (all are “local” businesses, I mention them because I like their stuff):

  • Yazzii- Indian trims (though you can’t purchase those online) and bags mostly.  Some lace.
  • Kraft Kingdom- purse frames, “bling,” embellishments, some papercraft.  They don’t have a website.
  • Melissa- she’s an old coworker of mine and a good friend.  She recently began selling her work through her facebook store “It’s Sew You,” with plans to extend into etsy and the local markets.
  • Unique Stitching- Textile art, all over the place!  Wow.
  • That Bead Shop- Beads, chains, watches, findings.  Fantastic selection.
  • Helen Godden- Beautiful quilting on the Handi-Quilter stand.
  • Kimono Girls- Gorgeous Japanese prints.
  • No Chintz-  I really like their business practices, and the fabrics are gorgeous.  I talked to Chrissie, one of the designers at some length.  She told me they’re based out of Sydney and they actively work to create a durable and ethical product- no minors, azo-free dye vats, and adhere to international standards for quality and environmental practices.  I hope I cross paths with Chrissie again soon!
  • Craft Queen- Very pretty painted buttons and other goodies.

The Burrito Bar!

I saved the best for last: The Burrito Bar in Southbank.  I took a walk down a lane of fairly-new cafes (Grey Street) and decided to give this one a chance.  Since I moved to Brisbane 4 years ago, I’ve searched for delicious, healthy “Mexican” food.  You know, Austin food, the food I used to take for granted.  This is a local chain, created by someone who wanted to bring that type of food to the good people of Brisbane.

It was packed with university students- often a sign of cheap, delicious food.  (At $9 for a huge burrito, it’s a medium cheap lunch here- especially in Southbank.)  It was so good, I almost cried.  Seriously.  I might need to move in upstairs from that place.

I picked up a few extra goodies for a “Pretty, Sparkly” Giveaway.  It’s always fun to experiment with new embellishments, right?

1m of sequined organza trim (I thought it would make a rad a headband, or a bow, or a hat trimming, or…), a packet of mirrors for Shisha Mirror Embroidery, and a packet of painted wood buttons.

Two ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me where you’d use the sparklies in your own sewing
  • Tweet this post and MT @3hourspast

This giveaway will end on Friday, October 28th at 5 pm local.  I’ll choose one winner at random and ship it out to you.  Worldwide!

(Winners of the patterns and books from the last giveaway should keep an eye on their mailboxes..)


  1. Those wooden buttons would look fabulous on a casual coat I’m working on right now! I’d have to think about the sparkly things but I’m sure I could come up with a use for them.

    The first thing I did when I returned to the states from my year of school in Australia was go to a Mexican restaurant, albeit not the “healthy” kind! That was the one thing I missed and just couldn’t find anywhere.

  2. Funny, we had some really good Tex-Mex in a small town in the Czech Republic… I figured if you could get it there it’s got to be everywhere.

    Those are some beautiful finds! I just realized it’s been years since I did shisha embroidery… not that I was ever terribly expert at it. Those pre-made circles look WAY easier than the hand-made method, though. And those buttons are gorgeous.

    Which I guess is my way of saying “count me in!” :)

  3. I love sparkly things! I think the red trim would look great as trim on the bottom of a skirt or as a faux belt on a dress. I’d have to ponder the mirrors a bit but the buttons are awesome!

    My husband loves Mexican food so we frequent many small Mexican restaurants (and Taco Bell of course). I don’t like onions, peppers, beans, rice, sour cream, avocado or cilantro so I have a hard time finding Mexican I’ll eat. lol.

  4. I adore the little wooden buttons. I think that they would give a basic cardigan a bit more class, or would look lovely on plain casual jacket or a more artistic, stitched one. The shisha mirrors I would probably put on a summery dress that I’ve recently dyed and haven’t got around to embellishing yet. I’m not sure about the organza trim – I think that one would have to sit in my hands and tell me what it wanted to be but I know there would be a project somewhere in the massive pile of my UFOs and never-quite-starteds that would benefit from it.

  5. I think I would use them at the hemline of a pencil or drindl skirt. Love those skirts, and love the idea of a pop of the unexpected at the hemline.
    Great giveaway,

  6. Thank you for sharing your goodies. I would use the wooden buttons on a cardigan or fall jacket. I think the mirrors and the red sequined trim would be best on a dress.

  7. I like Kira’s suggestion of those wooden buttons on a cardigan. I’m about to make a cardi myself, and can picture them on it!

    I’m not sure about the red trim (although I’m sure I’d come up with something), but I’ve been wanting to make myself a pretty make-up case to keep in my bathroom, and I think the embroidered mirror circles would really shiny it up nicely.

    Pick me pick me!

  8. Those mirrors would look great around the neckline of a dress – if I could attach them somehow…..do they glue/stick to those white embroidered appliques? Cos then it would be easy….

    The dress I’m thinking would would be a white linen or cotton wiggle dress – something cool and simple for summer. With a wide, round neckline and the mirror trim for interest. :-D

  9. I know that Mexican place! I’ve been meaning to say hi and introduce myself for a while, as a fellow brisbane-ite and crafter (though the novice type). I was at the burrito bar a few weeks ago and for the week after I was raving about the chocolate burrito I had from there! So good! Not really authentic mexican anything but so very good!

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  11. When we lived in Rio de Janeiro, one of the things I craved most was Mexican food–or anything spicy at all. I had to make everything from scratch until one day when we found tortillas at the grocery store, being marketed as pancakes!

    I would use the trim vertically on the button band of a plain thrifted cashmere cardigan I found, the buttons on a shirtdress, and the mirrors on an embroidered Christmas star!

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  13. Now you changed my mind about craft shows. I’ve assumed they would be very quilting oriented and haven’t been to one. Looks like I should not be so narrow minded!
    What would I do with your lovely sparkling things?
    That red organza trim would go around a square necked blouse in chiffon. If there was enough left, I’d do puffed cuffed elbow length sleeves and put it on the cuffs too. Not that I need a top like that, but I’d like one!
    The shisha mirros? Not so sure about those, perhaps around the neckline of a loose summery tunic.
    And the wooden buttons would look great on a casual linen jacket.

    • I’m not the hugest fan of craft shows, but when I go I always get inspired and see all kinds of stuff that fires off my inspiration… So they’re not so bad.. ;)

      I like your ideas… I’m glad this is a random draw, it would be too hard to choose!

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  16. I love this kind of trim. When I went to India last year, I brought home a whole bunch of this kind of stuff for my family and friends that sew. I’d love to get my hands on this for Sorbetto I’m making for Christmas!

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