And Yet Another Blouse in the Works: Shadow-Striped 40’s Noir

I like the bows, but I think mine will be less a bow and more a scarf treatment/cravat.  I especially like the striped version with sleeves and yoke in one- I want to try my hand at drafting it.  Should I put the buttons on the front or the back?  I’m in a bit of a back-buttoning mood lately.

I like the lace yoke version, though I’d probably opt for a plain neckline with the lace and make it in white.  For summer.  A local place has absolutely exquisite guipure cotton lace fabric on sale- $24.95/m.  I’ve seen it there before for over $100/m and always took time to admire it.

As I read that my brain said “Why wait for summer?  Why white?”  What if I used black sale guipure?  Where’s the line between “classy” and “racy” with black lace?  Where’s the line between “pretty” and “saccharine” with white?

I have some black shadow-stripe cotton ready to go… I know I said no black clothes this year, but my go-to black blouse died.

Or… That lace could become some Emma Watson-inspired shorts / k.heps / culottes / 7/8 pants.  Some ideas come back to roost.

(I went shopping today.   It was weird.  Luckily I had a guide.  What’s the opposite of Make Do and Mend?  Shopping, that’s what.  Can I show you my new stockings next time?)


  1. I agree, lace is tricky. If done well, it's the height of elegance. If a little off the mark you are in the land of tacky. I can't really imagine you ending up in the land of tacky!

  2. I agree with Karin, I don't think you and tacky are even on the same continent. And I actually think the biggest thing about lace looking good is the lace itself—a drop-dead amazing lace always looks awesome, a cheap-looking, tacky lace always looks cheap and tacky. I have no doubt you would stick with the former.That being said, I love that shadow stripe fabric SO much! And I think it would be awesome awesome awesome for the version of the blouse you're talking about. Can't wait to see it! :)

  3. Yes, back-buttons for sure. I literally just made a knit top with the yoke portion from black stretch lace. I can't decide if it's really chic or a bad, eighties Madonna impersonation. I agree with the comments above- everything you make is always so polished.

  4. White lace equals saccharine?!? I love whitework and always think of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian clothes. I think you should make it all.

  5. I'm dying to make a bow blouse, and I'm curious to see your take on it. More of a scarf sounds interesting in a wonderful sort of way. That black shadow stripe will be fabulous!

  6. I saw the lace in Lincraft too. The same fabric was sold there a year ago for $79 a metre. I didn't buy it, but don't think I'll resist for long.

  7. Back buttons. Well, if I had someone else in the house with me when I get dressed each morning, and undressed each night, maybe. Since I do not have reliable help, it's popover tops and front buttons for me. I fail to see why you'd ever use back buttons at all, unless it is for a child who persists in undressing itself at untoward moments — that's why daycares put children's nametags on their backs: child can't pull it off, workers can see its name as it frolics about the room.

  8. Unlurking.I love that material, and yes for the blouse. I can so see it.And I think the big prob with the Emma look is the shorts being so short. I think a little looser, a little longer, and an un-pastel palette would be pretty neat. (However, I am talking as somebody who just found the coolest necktie, and am re-arraging my entire wardrobe so I can wear it.)

  9. LinB- I can button up my back by myself, though I do have reliable help and call him to my aid sometimes. I like button up the back because it's different. Hello k!

  10. I love that shadow strip fabric and I have that lower pattern. I must say though that it seems to have some wartime fabric saving features that seem a bit odd to me. I could scan the pattern schematics for you, but it's not that tricky.

  11. p.s. I must admit that I have a weakness for the sleeve and yoke combined in the top view too. I just finished the other blouse in the bottom pattern, whew !

  12. A scan would be cool, I'm struggling with the combined yoke-sleeve draft but not yet willing to concede defeat because I really really want to solve that puzzle. I can't get the grain and the cut to behave with each other.

  13. love the black shadow stripe, its gorgeous…looking forward to seeing your drafting adventures on these shirts, they're fab, i've been dreaming of drafting shirts myself lately but knowing the speed i work at it'll be some time before get round to it so i'll live vicariously through your progress!!

  14. I love back-buttoning blouses! That style would look very pretty back-buttoning for front-buttoning, I think. My fondness for back closures and sashes that tie in the back makes it rather convenient that I'm freakishly flexible and can fasten things all the way up and down my back – but of course having someone around to help works too. :D

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