Finished Object: Plus Fours

Edit: The photos for the original post weren’t that great, and the post was pretty weak.  I love these Plus Fours and wear them All.  The.  Time.  I picked out my favorite shots of the plus fours from the past year to share here.

These were the first pants I made after learning to draft custom blocks, and I haven’t had fitting issues since.

For the Plus-Fours, I cut the facing pieces from scrap haircloth sans seam allowances, hoping it would work nicely for a long time.   It feels lovely to wear, just the right level of support.  I bias-bound the bottom edge of the facing using a decorative stitch because I felt too lazy to make my straight stitch catch the binding neatly.  (Hindsight note- Haircloth is ok, but I don’t love the way it washes.  Makes sense, really.  I use a medium weight woven fusible for waist facings these days.)

See how the bottom back fullness tends to twist?  When I gathered the lower edge, I divided the cuff in half and placed the inseam at the halfway mark.  A vague thought ran through my mind that I should work out the proportions more artfully, but I dismissed it. 

Just as I pictured- flowing and cool, but fitted.  Not like these:

Soon will come the time when I make for myself a few waistcoats, maybe a sweater vest or two…


  1. Wow, your outfit is so cute and fits you perfectly. A beautiful fit is integral to the appeal of vintage-inspired styles. Your new drafting system has already proven a major success. I look forward to seeing more of your original designs. Clearly, you are bursting with ideas!

  2. Thanks! You're so right about the importance of fit. Usually the weirder the garment, the more I focus on fit and beautiful finishing… I have years of sketches and inspiration books which may be set free now. :) But…I also have a family, a house, a job, and am beginning to think I don't really need many more clothes. Ah, there's the rub…

  3. I agree, the fit through the waist and hips of your plus fours is perfect. Well done you! I like your outfit, you remind me of the 1920s in a gentle way. You don't look like you are in costume, it's modern, but somehow there is a cheeky wink at the flappers.

  4. Oooo – you´ve been so productive, I love your finished cloche – I will have to remember that for the summer (although it´s still far away where I live). The Plus-Fours looks terrific too, great job! :-)

  5. Lovely things! The hat looks adorable, especially with your new Plus-Fours. I don't think I've ever seen a pair on a woman but they really are flattering and cute!! xoxo

  6. I adore the plus fours! They fit perfectly and it's such a great style! I lvoe the cloche too…I am contemplating trying to make a few hats as well!

  7. My sympathy; my son cut two huge holes in a liberty cotton top I was sewing months ago. I still haven't resurrected it, I'm too sad about it.

  8. I think those pants are just cute as can be! Cute hat, too, and I imagine necessary in your climate. Sun is so cruel to a ladies skin!

  9. Ooo! I like the looks of these, especially the shape of the back waistband. The comparison with the lovely golf pants there is hilarious. :D

  10. Love the plus fours! I may have to make a pair of those for next summer as my rebellion against the dreaded unfitted three-quarter length pants of the middle-aged Kiwi wife. Or I could just wear a dress every day :-)

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