Finished Object: Burda Blouse (Shocking Ants Extra)

My second whack at Burda 04-2010-105, in cotton-silk radiance.  I used radiance for my other ruffled Burda blouse and discovered it sews beautifully, washes in the machine, and drapes well for ruffles.

I failed previously, the combination of ruffles and silk chiffon proved lethal, of course it was special fabric I could never replace.  (Just today I had a salvage brain wave for that blouse, so you may see it soon.)  I’m not one to be beaten by a ruffle.  After my recent burda blouse success I felt up to tackling 105.

The Bitch Goddess wouldn’t allow me to use my first ruffle attempts which I finished with a double-fold narrow hem.  The center front of the ruffle pieces curve sharply, my hems looked decidedly angular.   When she’s right, she’s right, so I won’t banish the Bitch completely.  I unpicked, pressed, and applied self-bias with my binding foot.  I thought satin binding would show off both sides of the fabric, so used satin for the arm binding and the collar as well.

Objectively, I think it’s a well-made blouse and pretty.  For personal wear, I’m not so sure.  For one, it plunges precipitously.  Secondly, I know better than to pile ruffles on my bosom.  Finally, this turned out far more twiddly than strictly necessary or anticipated.


  • Typical Burda Instructions.   This deserves a higher difficulty rating based on the oblique instructions and finishing difficulties.
  • I omitted the side zipper.  It’s size 38 with a 3/4″ FBA- I left the extra space below the FBA and I think that allows me to wriggle into the blouse.

Why not model it?  It’s for my work wardrobe.  I’ll model the pieces together and post a composite.  Soon.  Next week perhaps.

I wonder if any other sewists purposefully make “mistakes.”  While planning, cutting and sewing, I did not for one minute forget that I avoid bulky bustlines for a reason- yet I couldn’t resist.  Do you transgress your own rules purposefully, knowing it might end unsatisfactorily but hoping for the best?  How does that work out?

Now the shocker:

Over the past two weeks I noticed more animals than usual invading my house, apparently in search of a dry place to live.  This afternoon I walked into my room and an ant invasion straight from a B-grade movie greeted me.  They swarmed through the window, across the wall, over the floor to my just-emptied laundry hamper.  I picked it up and discovered they built a nursery.  In less than two hours.   It hasn’t rained for several days, I can’t figure it out.

Husband seems to genuinely enjoy mass-murder at times like these.


  1. Eeeeg on the ants. The blouse looks good—I love the shine of the satin edging. I try to keep my forays into "no freaking way this will look good on me" territory minimal, but they still creep in. My Kasia skirt would be one example. The petticoat (haha i just had to fix this, the spellcheck had inserted pesticide!) I just made is kind of another, in that the full-skirted vintage look it's designed to support is one that I suspect won't be my best. Usually I can manage to at least get good pictures ;)

  2. Your blouse is gorgeous, the ants not so much so! I really like the satin edges on the ruffle. They are a nice detail that doesn't look fussy or overwhelm the design. Beautiful.

  3. YUCK! (the ants, not the blouse)Ants continually invade my house, but they haven't tken up residence yet. I might have to move out if they did.The blouse looks lovely. I wish I could pull off ruffles.

  4. Yes, I am afraid that I too will do things I know to be not in my best interest again and expect/hope for different results. I have written this off to misguided optimism. There are just certain colors, or details you like so much you really wish you could wear them, but alas my legs have not gotten any longer or my hair blonder it still doesn't work. lol

  5. Oh lordy that ant plague looks nasty. I can understand how that would incite murderous rages.I'm really impressed with the fiddliness of that sewing.

  6. Your blouse looks lovely and I hope it ends up being one you enjoy wearing! Yes, I keep on making things that I should know will look bad on me. My partner is particularly critical of the "sack" look which I suppose looked OK 20 years ago when I was whippet thin but now looks like I'm covering up something lumpy.Insects – I can imagine! Even here in Sydney there always seems to be something going on! Lately our bathroom has been a magnet for insects that scare the kids: every kind of spider, stick insects, dragon flies, black caterpillars and huge mutant mosquitoes. But our ants are still mostly outside…

  7. When the ants come inside like this, they are seeking higher ground. My family always defers to the ants as it's a sign that there is lots of rain on the way. Doesn't always happen the next day, but the ants are a good way to tell that a lot of rain is coming. Last year we had a large invasion and when the ants refused to move on, they were promptly dispatched. My family has always taken notice of the ants. It might sound funny, but in November 2010, we knew we were in for a bad wet season in the near future and sure enough, it came.Looking forward to seeing how your blouse turns out. All the best from Brisbane.Fleur

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